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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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struck, dragged, and killed. we're following the overnight developments of a deadly hit-and-run crash and the search for the missing driver. this is an accused power thief. and temperatures are in the 30s and 40s right now. there's also some frost in some of the pennsylvania and new jersey suburbs. it's 4:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley with the first alert forecast and talk about frost. bill? >> there's more moisture around
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the ingredients for frost. even 'above freezing. the ground gets colder than the air does. 40 degrees around pottstown and millville. we're right back here in the low 40s like yesterday. we'll see brilliant sunshine like yesterday but a little warmer. in the 50s by lunchtime. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast coming up. jessica boyington is watching your traffic. >> we're doing okay for the most part. watch this where the ramp is closed. otherwise the drive time is headed southbound into the center city area. to the vine street expressway, still a 14-minute trip and speeds into the 60s. there's construction in the area around the betsy ross bridge to richmond street. that will be closed until may. it's another month or so if you want to plan that into your
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commute. also 23 minutes. whether you're headed westbound or eastbound into the mid-60s between route 1 and here, tracy. we're following breaking news where police say someone ambushed a deputy and shot him from behind. the deputy had parked hesitate patrol car. he was leaning into another patrol car when someone shot him six times. the deputy is expected to survive. we'll bring you any new developments on air and on the n n nbc 10 news app. right now police are looking for the driver who struck and killed a man on a motorized scooter. the victim was dragged for about 200 feet from the crash. nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside. tell us about that. >> reporter: tracy, a few things
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happened overnight. first please found the vehicle that witnesses say hit and killed man who was riding on a scooter late last night and more recently we spoke with detectives who are wait for a search warrant to search the home of the driver. here's the gold colored suv with new york license plates that police say they found parked on the street in kensington. according to the police, the driver crashed into a vesper and dragged the driver of the scooter down the street while witnesses looked on in horror. >> a situation like this, after striking someone on a motorcycle and dragging a body 200 feet. we're certain that the driver of the striking vehicle realized what he did. >> the 35-year-old man who was riding on that vespa scooter you saw in that video did die from injuries as a result of this
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crash. police say since they found the suv, they believe they know who they're looking for. again, they have a search warrant to search the home of that individual. i'm checking with east detectives to see if they haven't found that man. coming up in the next half hour, you'll hear from the police about what the one thing is the driver could have done differently that would have changed the outcome of this. new from overnight, a fire at a brewer ry sent five peopleo the hospital. we' we're working to learn their conditions and the fire marshal is looking for a cause. new jersey is looking for a plan to save a city from financial ruin. there are two plans. both involve a state takeover. they want to give atlantic city
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two years before the state can take over. a new proposal by the state's president dave sweeney would give the city 100 days to avoid cuts and bankruptcy and if not they could petition governor chris christie for a bridge loan, if not the state takes over. christie says he'll approve a loan if the state will take over. it would allow them to break contracts. tropicana officials say the company will immediately spend $15 million to fix up the aging casino hotel, but icahn says if he does that, he won't be able to invest the money he's promised to the taj. now to the nbc 10 exclusive, our camera was there as the assistant to the bucks county police chief walked out of
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court. she's accused of stealing nearly $20,000 worth of electricity. police discovered an electrical theft during a fire at her former home. an alleged illegal hookup powered appliances including a jacuzzi and a tanning bed. she and her husband are out on jail. she's the administrative assistant for bill wilcox. he told us he couldn't comment on the case. they found evidence of wire tampering when the utility company shut off power and the lights stayed on. fire officials say that could have made it dangerous for first responders. >> if you think something's secured and unbeknownst to you, sure, you'd get somebody hurt or shocked. >> authorities have also tried her husband with stealing six batteries from a little league owned golf cart. investigators say it was
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captured on photos. now from our south jersey bure bureau, ruling in the case of driving drunk in gloucester county. yesterday this sister said she can't remember everything. witnesses saw her driving erratically and she smelled of alcohol. she said after she went to a bookstore, she went home, took a glass of wine and an ambien and fell asleep. >> she took the ambien and didn't know about the warnings. >> sister miller said she has a history of sleepwalking and takes medicine for an arthritic condition. it's 4:07. today the philadelphia fliers begin their quest for the cup as they take on the washington capitals in the first round of the playoffs. yesterday they got in one last practice before the series opener.
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teams hoping to stay hotz as they roll into the season. >> it's excitement. it's a new season. everyone's got the same record. what you did coming up to here is all in the past. it's good to make the playoffs. it's one thing to make everyone do some damage. >> tonight's game is in washington. face-off scheduled for 7:00. so the team is on the road, but you can still get together. "xfinity live!" is hosting a watch party for the game. you can watch all the action on a 32-foot hd screen. you can pick up stanley playoff gear at the fliers mobile store. the first who show up get a flyers rally towel. eight minutes after 4:00. another chilly morning. this morning we've got areas of frost. the pennsylvania suburbs. it's back in the cold zone for
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those spots and there's a little more humidity around, the ingredients for fog. just like yesterday we're in for sunny skies and a quick warmup. today actually starts a warming trend that will continue right on through the weekend. right now, though, 36 degrees in doylestown, just below freezing and northeast philadelphia it's 39 degrees. skies are clear, the wind is light, and the air not as dry as yesterday. so that has allowed the temperatures to come down, but we're seeing some areas of fog -- no -- frost, excuse me, in suburbs in the interior new jersey this morning. the numbers will be dropping during the day. as the temperature climbs, we'll see any frost disappear. you'll see some frost to start with and then plenty of sunshine just like yesterday. a few high clouds to the northwest just like yesterday. they will avoid us. so your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast is calling for a pretty good warmup for today. near 60 for the pocono mountains and here come the 60s here, up
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to 61 degrees this afternoon. any frost for the suburbs will be long gone this afternoon with sunshine. 62 in bordentown. along the coast it will be cooler. not the 60s. low 50s for avalon. but 62, more than 10 degrees warmer than the coast, smyrna. inland, bright sunshine. and the frost disappears in the suburbs. 62 this ave for malvern and wilmington and 63 for philadelphia. a warming trend, we'll look at that when i'm back in ten min e minutes. let's check the boulevard to start with. first alert traffic jessica boyington is watching thachlt any problems? >> no big problems or delays. here around here, you can see the right shoulder completely blocked offer right before -- right after that off ramp. you can see everyone's having an easy time getting off the ramp
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and everything moving by the scene is okay. definitely watch for work crews. they typically move out of the way by 5:00 in the morning. we'll see them drive or get out of the area at that time. over in philadelphia, more construction. here's milling work here. flaggers are directing traffic around the scene there. so definitely something to be careful of then and cost you five-minute delay. it's going to take you 11 minutes to the schuylkill expressway. sir paul mccartney will come back to philadelphia. here's a look at the park where he'll hold a concert this summer. ♪ hold me, love me >> she has to go -- jessica says, i have go. yesterday we learned philadelphia will be one of his stops in his one-on-one tour.
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yesterday he played a concert. here's how they announced it. they dropped a banner at citizens bank park. you'ren to see video of a crime in progress. this home security video shows dogs barking as two burg larry suspects barge their way into the house, but it wasn't the dogs that scared them off. kobe bryant played his final game last night. see why it was one for the record books.
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good morning east fall. this is a live look from our presidential camera. you can see here. it's 44 degrees right now. a homeowner managed to scare away two burglars whoo busted into her house even though she wasn't there. here's the story. surveillance video shows them breaking into the home. the dogs apparently didn't scare them away but the woman who lives there used her phone to talk to the bug lars through the security system. the thieves made off with a lockbox full of jewelry and documents. every year close to 160 officers are killed in the line of duty across the country. in the last several years departments across the country have taken to bikes to increase awareness about the lives lost and the families left behind. nbc 10's dina durante is live where one department is gearing up for a major ride to send a strong message. tell us more about it, deanna. >> in 2012 plymouth township
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lost one of their own making this cause to them even more important. on the morning we caught up with these officers they're training on their bicycles. >> the ride is something we do every year during police week to honor the fallen officers of the past year. >> every year during police week thousands of officers from across the country meet and bike to washington, d.c., together. this year employ mouplymouth to police will be on those bikes. >> it's a pretty emotional ride. >> reporter: plymouth has one of the largest groups. each biker must raise $1,500.
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though it helps fund the ride, most of the money goes back to families left behind. camps for the kids of fallen officers is one of the programs and the effort to make sure each officers killed nationwide is recognized. >> if people were aware of the number of officers that are actually killed in the line of duty every year, that would be the one thing -- one of the main reasons i do what i do. >> reporter: also some of those funds goes to counseling, not only the families left behind but for the departments affected as well. they're grateful not just for the opportunity to do it but the backing of not only the township but local businesses who have donated to the cause. and if you want donate, dom the plymouth township police for more information. reporting live in plymouth township, deanna durante, n 10 news. >> it's 4:17. new information this morning. families of the victims killed in the germanwings plane crash
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in the alps are sugar a flight school. they claim the flight school in arizona did not screen the pilot's background. if they had, they would have found he had a history of issues. last year he locked the pilot out of the cockpit and crashed the plane into the mountains. evelyn selke and her mom died in that crash. evelyn was a university music major and her mom graduated from delaware county high school in 1975. the planes buzzed by the "uss donald cook" about a dozen times while in the baltic sea.
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they flew a simulated attack and failed to respond. they're now addressing it through diplomatic channels. the transportation security information says staffing problems and record number of travelers are causing long checkpoint delays leading many to miss their flight. during spring break last month, nearly 6,800 passengers missed flights nationwide because of tsa checkpoint delays. philly joins seattle, los angeles, and miami for the most missed flights. the tsa admits it underestimated a recent surge in passenger volume and impact on budget cuts. to speed things up, they're hiring as many as 200 officers each week. mont county native kobe bryant wrapped up his career last night with a bang. >> you're watching one of the
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greatest performances in the history of the game. >> he put up 60 points in a win against utah jazz. bryant ends his career as the third leading scorer in nba history. >> the perfect ending would have been a championship. tonight was trying to go out playing hard and trying to put on a show as much as i possibly could. you know, so good to be able to do that one last time. >> bryant ended his career as a five-time nba champion. before he was a future hall of famer, he was a star at marian high school. he was drafted out of high school in 1996 played his entire 20-year career with the lakers. did you stay up to watch the game? tell us what you thought of kobe's nba finale. tweet us on the address you seton screen and we'll tweet you back here from the news set.
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20 minutes after 4:00. you're going have to bundle up. the temperatures have dropped into the 40s in the city. just like yesterday, get out in the city and you'll find the colder air. 43 at philadelphia international skies. mostly clear and the wind is calm. so that means the temperatures are still coming down right now. another sunny day. it will be a sunny view from the comcast center. right now, completely dry in our area. freeze warnings up for parts of the area. frost advisories in some of the suburbs as the temperatures have come down and the humidity has come up. pottstown is at 34. look at millville. that's 11 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. that's the biggest difference in millville. look at the temperature. just below freezing for westtown. west chester is at 33 degrees. coatesville, 31. so it's a cold start. you'll see that frost disappear as the day goes on. and the radar has another day off. no sign of any wet weather. not for today, not for tomorrow,
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not for the weekend. now we've got a lot of sunshine ahead, and it starts today, the warmup. sunny skies, mild, the 60s. got a little breezy. winds out of the northeast at 8 to 12 miles an hour. this weekend, warmer, 66. we'll be in the 70s. and that will not be the end of the warming trend. look at the seven-day forecast when i'm back in the next half hour. tracy? >> see you then. it's 4:22. let's get to work. see, jessica boyington, that happens all the time. >> i don't know what happens. it happens in the 4:00 hour. i don't know what it is but it keeps us entertain. headed northbound, that's what ee going toward philadelphia. no problems or delays yet. you see the traffic moving along nicely. looks a little dark out there too. not a lot of cars. watch for construction. route 252 is closed between yellow spring road and valley
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forge road. just a few moments ago we had it into the right-hand shoulder. it has cleared out of the way. really no problems in either direction on the boulevard. mass transit doing fine and so are the area of bridges. i'll be back in ten and see if there are any updates. >> if you think you missed your chance to run on may 1st, think again. the lottery's over, but nbc 10 is giving two lucky winners the bid for the race. you can enter the sweepstakes by going to and click on the contest tab. race day is 17 days away. nbc 10 and telemundo will broadcast the entire race start to finish. it's 4:23 right now. pointing the finger of blame right at amtrak. there's still no official cause for the crash that killed two amtrak workers.
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but hear why they say the train carrier is to blame and why. and why you won't be able to catch the cape may ferry as often and the reason for the schedule change.
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it's 4:26. one of our ferries is out for repair. for now they're making only four runs a day. limited runs means fewer tourists. but they say they'd rather be safe than sorry. >> we want to make sure we have our boats. like most businesses at the shore, we do most of our business during the peak summer
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tourist season, so it's real important for us to have all of our vessels to be operating at peak efficiency during the tourist season. >> officials say the second ferry should be back up and running by the end of may. happening today, travelers at philadelphia international will have a few more destinations to choose from. these are just three of a new batch that frontier is adding. tomorrow they'll begin flying to nashville, cleveland, and st. augustine. remembering ed snider. next, hear details about the public memorial scheduled for the flyers owner and see how a moment for him caused a stir.
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right now police are on the hunt for a hit an run-driver. they're wanted for running man over on a scooter and driving off. the governor plans to sign it into the books this weekend after bipartisan support in harrisburg. and there's this. >> how's joe paterno? are we going to bring that back? how about that whole deal? >> if you missed it, he said, how's joe paterno. you may have heard gasps from the crowd. so exactly what did he mean? it's 4:30 4rks 0 degrees outside. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" and i'm tracy davidson. let's get t


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